About Almond Brothers

The question we hear the most is was Almond Brothers really started by brothers. Yes it was! And the name, just a little play on words from a favorite rock band.

For years, my brother Larry and I worked in the family business running several retail gift shops in the Phoenix area that were started by our father in the early 1960’s. We started making our homemade fudge and selling it in our gift stores as a draw to bring customers in. The demand and reputation grew to the point where customers would come to our stores only to buy the fudge.

In 1997, we decided to open a kiosk in the mall during the holidays selling our delicious homemade fudge. Wanting a larger product mix, we added roasted almonds and pecans. The first Holiday season, we purchased the ingredients for our product at the local grocery store and cooked in the evenings for the next day’s business. Now we have an industrial kitchen with seven nut roasting machines, three fudge machines and the raw almonds, pecans and sugar being shipped in on pallets.

Today, Almond Brothers currently does a majority of its business through retail sales and online orders with shipments going world wide. Thanks to the many repeat customers who have ordered year after year and the many new customers who find us each season we plan on growing and maintaining the same consistent quality product and great customer service for many years to come.

Remember, Almond Brothers delivers gifts that make your insides smile. Browse our shop to search for the perfect gift or find out where to buy your own today!

Steve Godber
Almond Brothers